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    The Rules for OOC


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    The Rules for OOC

    Post by pyriel32 on Tue Jul 15, 2014 6:37 pm

    Follow these and we'll get along.

    1. Be respectful, sure there may be issues but that's going to happen, just deal with them in a classy way via pm. If anything persists, please come to the admin, ie; The Spirits.

    2. If you are going to be gone for some time please let someone know, that way we can find away to go around the absence and not delay the epic rp about to unfold.

    3. OOC stuff is for the OOC threads unless it's a dire emergency and can't be sent to them.

    4. The chatbox is not only a way to let people know who's turn it is, but it also works as an excellent IC chat.

    5. Grammar and spelling mistakes happen, that's life, don't harp on those who make those mistakes. It may be happening case that's how characters sound.

    6. No RP'ing untill yer bio is approved by a mod, a bio needs to be done for every character, the approved characters will get a pm saying they've been approved and all character bios will stay in the Character Biography section.

    7. Anything you deem that anyone should know about wht your character may go through or anything as such is to be posted on the Reflex Mega City Information forum.

    8. All Mod/Admin decisions are final.

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