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    So It Begins


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    So It Begins

    Post by pyriel32 on Tue Jul 15, 2014 12:09 am

    Okay! Here is where plots get and can be started. My plot will pick up where the end of Extreme Justice died. Sadly, nearly a year of good rp was lost when things went south. Just before the end, a crossover was done with another group known as Vigilance and though it started out well, it too eventually went south. But despite that, the crossover was good and though it did not turn out the way it should have, in my opinion, the crossover happened if even only in the aspect of Reflex Mega City.

    It is here where, four years after the Dark Gods were defeated the story picks up. It is also the same time frame in which Gvnega, G Siphon, Alisha and Ariesta had appeared, assisted the heroes of this realm and then went home. What happened to G Siphon while she was here, set up the situation that happened to the rest of her family setting in motion a chain of events now taking place within Earth Dimension 1. During this time, the first Star Child ever to be created in this realm came into existence at the hands of the Star Mother who, after the Star Mother received a visit from G Siphon, was created in the image of said young woman. Sadly, Angel's creation was the only thing the Star Mother has done in a few hundred thousand years. That and the refusal to assist G when the young woman had been infected by an evil darkness.

    When the situation was over and the young Dark Gods who had stirred up the problem had been quelled Gvnega and her family went home and what happened from the moment they left is at best, sketchy. Since they left, The Ranch had received word that G/Rianna had turned on her family and had vanished. None within The Ranch could scarcely believe their ears, nor the pain they felt within their hearts at hearing this message but no matter what they thought, or how they felt, the fact remained true. Sadly, that was the last they heard from Earth Dimension 1 and despite their efforts, said realm remains quiet and any attempt to enter that dimension has failed. It was, as one member said, "It is almost like they are suffering from some viral outbreak which causes the area to be locked down and quarantined." They had no idea how close to the truth they were, nor did they know, not even Angel, that the Star Mother knew the truth and levity of the situation but not to what extent. In that, only one person knew and he definitely had no intentions of letting anyone know. His anger, his rage, his vengeance would only be sated when his opponents lay dead or kneeling at his throne and chaos ruled the known universes.

    To date, thought Angel looks about twenty years old, she is actually only four and is current guardian of this universe along with (other names to be put here later). But with the Star Mother having remained out of the picture for so long, things have been slipping towards the Dark Ones since and the events which happened four years ago only reinforces said fact. Angel, along with Oda, Marilee, Manitou, The Morning Man and other members of The Ranch do their best to maintain, aid and assist both at home, overseas, across their galaxy and throughout the universe.

    It has been four years of normalcy, or as normal as things can be and though the members of the Ranch have been through much, the events of four years ago have left lingering doubts not only with them but with humanity as a whole and during these four years of quiet, a movement has slowly and quietly begun to grow. This movement has been started by those who believe that meta beings are a threat, a danger to humanity as well as the reason why Reflex Mega City and the world have suffered under the machinations of those who would harm the world. Said proponents believe that, if the meta beings were not around, there would no reason for said villains and tyrants to rise to challenge them. These people believe that the world would be far better off without meta beings and thought there are those who disagree, this movement is gaining popularity and strength and is now currently being debated within the houses of government throughout the world.

    On top of this new threat from within, Oda has begun to speak of dark omens and premonitions of hopelessness and sorrow, that a harbinger unlike any they have ever known was soon to arrive. Yet, when she is pressed to speak further of it, she cannot adding only, "It is not the arm of strength and might which will win the day but the courage and hope of the heart," and then fall silent, never speaking of such things for many days. Adding to the situation is the daughter of Oda and Joshua. During the battle of four years ago, Joshua had come to destroy the Earth Mother, an effort the Dark Ones hoped would quell the fight within the side of light, to deflated the fire of hope. Things would have gone according to plan if not for the intervention of Oda. Not wanting to see either harmed as her love for both Joshua and the Earth Mother was equally great, she stepped between the two. The blade which was meant for the Earth Mother pierced through Oda's womb before piercing herself. Darkness seeped into the child but the Earth Mother, before passing on, transferred a small piece of her essence into the child as well, saving both mother and daughter.

    Currently, Cherish is a happy go lucky and well loved child. She is adored by both her parents but ultimately, she is a daddy's girl, both she and Joshua sharing an extremely powerful bond. Though she is a daddy's girl, when it comes to emotional needs and comfort, her mother is the first person she will go to. Between Oda and Cherish is shared a powerful bond at the emotional level. Oda's freind, Marilee even goes so far as to say that, "the bond which mother and daughter share is probably at a psychic level." Either way, Cherish is loved and cared for deeply and though both parents are concerned that Cherish is a child of both light and dark, it is something that stays within the back of their minds. Only time will tell when and if Cherish could or may choose a side but until then, she will be raised as a normal child, not only by her parents, but by all those upon the Ranch.

    Unknown to Oda and the other members of the Ranch, these dark omens have already begun, have already risen in the shadows which now move through darkness of night and those hearts which are vulnerable to their warped and twisted suggestions. Within the homes, at the jobs, across the world and throughout the universe, evil begins to stir, a juggernaut which slept restlessly now stirs, slowly waking ready to bring about a new level of hate and violence, to bring about a level of chaos which could plunge the universe forever into darkness and despair.

    To date, The Ranch is well known and well respected around the world for their heart, courage, dedication and willingness to go beyond what is their expected duty as heroes. The members continue to serve life despite the aspersions which have been cast their way by the slow growing sentiment of the anti meta human movement. Despite that, there are many who still believe in what the many meta humans,not just upon the Ranch but around the world do, have done and sacrificed for the people of Earth. Those same people believe that, without their presence, the peoples of the Earth would be living under the boot of tyranny and chaos but yet, there are proponents who believe that the best intentions and service will not waylay the anti meta human movement.

    Here, begins the story.

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